Dr. Pankaj Talwar
Dr. Pankaj Talwar

Disposable and consumable materials used in the laboratory and clinic include

  • Ovum Pick Up Needle. 1 Piece.
  • Cyst Aspiration Needle. As per need.
  • Embryo Transfer Soft Catheter. Piece.
  • Holding Micropipette. 1 Piece.
  • ICSI Injection Pipettes. 1 Piece.
  • Denuding Pipettes Strip. 1piece.
  • Embryo Handling Pipettes. …
  • Partial Zona Dissection Pipettes.
  • IVF dishes various designs single-well, four-well etc and different sizes 60mm, 90mm etc
  • Tubes

It is more convenient and safer to use sterilized disposable items throughout the practice. In the laboratory, all supplies and materials must be disposable, and must be tested as being non-toxic to sperm (preferably by the supplier). Some disposable materials used in the clinic may appear not to be cost-effective, but are used nevertheless, because they are safer and prevent cross contamination. Where reusable items are used, they must be cleaned and sterilized using an autoclave before being reintroduced into the clinic for use.