Dr. Pankaj Talwar
Dr. Pankaj Talwar

Clinics that perform therapeutic fertility treatments should be designed in such a way that they are capable of providing the best patient care (Fig. 4.1). Small private clinics as well as large clinics need sufficient lobby space and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Te lobby should be spacious, furnished with journals, magazines, periodicals, professional literature and brochures, with access to the internet, a television and a beverage station. Patient privacy is of the utmost importance. A small room or screened space should be dedicated to drawing blood, testing blood pressure and checking patient weight.

Semen Collection Room

Important that a private room dedicated for specimen collection be available in the clinic setting. It should have sufficient space, and should be well ventilated. It should be sufficiently isolated to prevent outside noise from being heard in the room, as any distraction may hinder specimen collection. The collection room needs to be comfortable and have a reclining chair or a small sofa. Patients may be accompanied by their partners to the collection room. Each room should also have a sink and a toilet. Visual aids such as erotic magazines and videos should be available in the room for the patients. An “occupied” sign should be placed on the outside door to indicate that the room is in use. The semen collection room can be located adjacent to the laboratory, so that the collected specimen can be placed through a small opening in the wall directly into the laboratory.

Clinic and Laboratory Personnel

The medical staff, nurses, laboratory technicians, ultra sonographers, support other staff and administration team are the most important components of a successful infertility treatment program. Their skills, and collaboration between them, are essential to the success of infertility services. The number of employees required in each clinic depends on the number of different services it offers, and the numbers of patients it serves. A single nurse designated the “infertility nurse” or “IUI nurse” will be overwhelmed in a large IUI program and cannot always be available. It is preferable that all nurses be familiar with OI and IUI procedures.